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producer, team leader (2018)

GREATER GOOD was written, shot and edited in 72 hours by a team of women as part of the inaugural Women's Weekend Film Challenge in January 2018. 

The film has gone on to screen at over 12 festivals in the U.S. & Canada. 

A dramatic, sci-fi short film featuring Miranda Plant, it's about Madeline, a pregnant woman who receives a knock on her door from two strangers. A guard and her prisoner, sho she claims is Madeline's daughter from the future. When the guard divulges to Madeline that her daughter grows up to commit a heinous crime, Madeline is faced with making the hardest decision her life. 

Written by Candace Little & Alison Yuen. 

Directed by Andrea Ashton

Director of Photography: Cidney Hue.

Co-produced by Miranda Plant. 

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