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FAMILY PICNIC is a 10 minute satirical play about a family and a gun. 

One sunny day, one jolly family decides to picnic on a grassy, green knoll under a bright and smiling sun. Everything is perfect. Mom brought her non-gluten-free fried chicken, Sally brought her attitude, Dad brought his wildflower booklet and Timmy brought his gun. Everything is perf— wait? Did you say gun? Never mind. 


World Premiere at The NY Winter Theater Festival in 2017, performed by: 

Tracy Weller as Mommy

Devin Burnam as Daddy

Aubrey Quinn as Sally 

Artem Kreimer as Timmy

Fight Choreography by Ben Rezendes 



writer, director (2017)
winner, Best Actress: Tracy Weller
nominee, Best Short Play
NY Winter Theater Festival 2017
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