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writer, director, producer (2016)

LAURA is about an American female veteran living in her car, working as a security guard, trying to build her life back up. Unable to put her skill set to use in the civilian workforce, Laura finds herself stuck. When her car gets towed, she ends up homeless. 


Inspired by a newspaper article about an American female veteran living in her car after several tours in Iraq. This woman ended up homeless because her car got towed while she was at work and couldn't steal away to pay her meter. 

Shot on an iPhone and made on a budget of zero dollars, this short film has gone on to screen at several festivals, including The Socially Relevant Film Festival in NYC in March 2017. 

Featuring Laura Vogels, Ellen Lindsey, Marc LeVasseur & Xavier Rodney. 

Director of Photography: Ivan Asin. 

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